arrowEnergy Heroes – Online multiplayer PC game

Change the way you fight!

Early Access starting on June 1st, 2016. Sign up! #changethewayyoufight!

Energy Heroes is a free-to-play team versus team Third Person Shooter taking place in a science fiction universe and designed to enhance collaborative gameplay experiences by tweaking the classic rules found in MOBA and other team based online multiplayer games.

Official trailer is available!

Game synopsis: «Somewhere in a far off universe, two civilizations vie for a resource called “Energium”, sparking wars throughout the galaxy. The SCD, a private military company created to regulate and settle those conflicts, is recruiting in order to intervene on a new theater.».


TPS: Aim, evade and jump in order to protect yourself and dodge enemies’ bullets. Play as a unique mercenary equipped with weapons and special skills.

Collaborate: Work with your team mates to accomplish the different game’s objectives, don’t forget that your actions will have an impact on your team.

Tactical: Use and combine your team’s mercenaries strenght, interact with the environment and explore the corridors of the Stage375 to lead your team to victory.


Key features:

–  Environment: The introductory 3V3 map (Stage375) is designed onboard of a spaceship and represents the training grounds for the game’s characters Sprinkled with a mix of style elements from comic books and science fiction, the environment delivers contrasted colors and first-class graphics.

Characters: 3 different classes (Humans, Nelmas, Jorvaks) of playable characters, each one of them boasting their own skills and abilities, depending of their M-type (assault, auxiliary, protector, infiltrator). A total of 10 playable characters are introduced with the early access version.

Energium: Collecting Energium from the Energium trees enables teams to strategically reinforce the strength of their buildings.


Complementary information

Plateform : PC
Type : Multiplayer Online Strategical Shooter
Early Access date : June, 1st 2016
Economy : Free-to-play

Powered by Unreal Engine 3 and Scaleform.
In production since 2013.